Recordings done


Recordings are finished. 3 new songs recorded by Gabor at de Onderbroek.
Stay tuned for updates.


recording and shows

we will be recording new stuff in januari/februari…hopefully a split.
we play some shows this weekend…excited?yes..

Belgium and Franz!

Jo next week we will travel to Brussels to play a crazy Halloween fest and Lille the day after..also we play in Rotterdam next week, theres not a single piece of info for the show so thats gonna be great!
we are in fact keepin’ it real!
La Wine


We are doing some shows in the upcoming months..come out and dance.
24/9/2015 Duisburg – Asta Keller
25/9/2015 Dresden – Meschwitzstraße 18
26/9/2015 Leipzig – Zoro fest
27/9/2015 Munster – Baracke

3/10/2015 F-Word Festival, Amsterdam

30/10/2015 Brussel – Bitchcraft
31/10/2015 Belgium – ??
01/11/2015 Köln – ??

04/12/2015 Hamburg – Störtebeker
05/12/2015 Flensburg – Senffabrik
06/12/2015 Bremen – A cafe